​​​​​​​Advanced Energy Performance Assessment towards Smart Living in Building and District Level​​​​​​​

Horizon Europe Project

News & Events

4th Plenary meeting

May 03, 2024

SmartLivingEPC partners met in Delft, The Netherlands for the 4th Plenary meeting.

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Smart Readiness Indicator Joint Event

Mar 18, 2024

The SRI Joint event brought together the projects from the SRI cluster, the CINEA, and the DG ENER, but also related projects including iEPB, SmarterEPC, tunES iBECOME, CHRONICLE, and SmartLivingEPC, to discuss smart readiness of European buildings.

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Operational behaviour of the building

Life cycle performance aspects & building smartness assessment

Compatible with digital logbooks and building renovation passports

EPC application in building complexes


SmartLivingEPC project aims to deliver a certificate which will be issued with the use of digitized tools and retrieve the necessary assessment information for the building shell a​nd building systems from BIM literacy, including enriched energy and sustainability related information for the as designed and the actual performance of the building. The new certification scheme will also expand its scope, covering aspects related to water consumption, as well as noise pollution and acoustics. SmartLivingEPC certificate will be fully compatible with digital logbooks, as well as with building renovation passports in order to allow the integration of the building energy performance information in digital databases. A special aspect of SmartLivingEPC will be its application in building complexes, with the aim of energy certification at the neighbourhood scale.




Demonstration cases